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Dear friends:
You! I Laiwu City Forging Co., Ltd. General Manager of iron - LIU Jian-feng, I, on behalf of the Secretary for all staff, I extend to you warm greetings and wish you good health and every success!

Over the years our products are sold around the world, by the love of friends at home and abroad, after years of struggle, we trained a batch of excellent management and production technical staff. Our existing Shiji Tao ski club, from nail-production line, Nissan ski club 1500, from nail-3000. Annual production capacity of over 8,000 tons. The export volume of 30 million yuan. Especially our freedom of forging dozens of Qiaogun, superb technology, strict means testing, has been the United States, Canada, Mexico, a few large customers highly valued.

Our staff know how deep a reason: to advance man, person to do it, do things really do matter. Only in this way can we be assured customers to produce the products, so here I am completely confident speakers: To our products to assure you 100!
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